How can ERP be a game-changer for your business?

11th May 2021


When spreadsheets become inconvenient for business operations, ERP becomes the company's savior. ERP, an acronym for enterprise resource planning, is a software that assists in centralized management by collecting and organizing key business data and allowing businesses to run productive operations even as they grow. Moreover, Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C), and Record-to-Report (R2R) are some of the business processes that ERP helps companies standardize and incorporate.

The concept of ERP systems is expected to be started in the 1960s.With time in the 1990s, the first accurate ERP systems came into existence which enhanced the communication in departments. Modern ERPs provide a company with powerful, real-time data and the performance of every aspect of your business.To stay ahead in the competition and smooth functioning of your business, you need ERP.

How does Erp Software help my business?

Centralized data storage and sharing of ERP facilitates effective communication within the organization and its customers as well as employees from various departments. Various business functions can be incorporated into an ERP, making it easier to run your business, communicate accurately and on time between teams, and get orders out the door and into your customers' hands.

In addition, your human and financial capital can be relocated easily, saving your money and no compromise on quality or performance. Likewise, Advanced Business Intelligence in ERP converts a large amount of data into charts and graphs that show patterns and help to get potential outcomes. With the ERP System, you can track and monitor activities from procurement to distribution & Marketing.

It's not just the Manufacturing Industry to get benefits of Erp; it is also popular among healthcare, nonprofit groups, construction and hospitality industry. Customer support, human resources, business intelligence, financial accounting, inventory control, and supply chain management are integrated into one system with ERP.

Erp Usage in Nepal

In the early days, before 2019, in Nepal, the perception that ERP is only for the manufacturing industry, making it used by only a handful of companies. Back then, a misconception regarding data security and no interest in investing a good sum on ERP resulted in pretty less use of ERP. But with time, businesses have realized that without manual labor and with ERP software, they can track, monitor, process, and analyze data to make decisions. Thus, the demand for Erp is increasing. Many software companies are getting in the competition to produce premium quality ERP software and try to be the most used and best ERP in Nepal. Among such Erps, neo.erp is a popular and positive result yielding Erp. neo. erp's unique features distinguish it as a valuable and worthwhile solution for Nepalese businesses, making it the best ERP in Nepal.

Why is neo.erp better office management?

Neo.erp is extremely adaptable, with various resources, features, and functionalities tailored to the specific needs and challenges of various industries. Neo.erp is a Complete Package For Your Business because it guarantees that all of your employees' actions, properties, and payments are recorded. Our ERP Solution offers a broad variety of business process modules and functionalities to meet the specific requirements. Furthermore, neo.erp simplifies essential office functions such as Human Resource Management, Sales & Marketing, Planning and Control, and Accounting, and maintains simplified order management and procurement processes, increases employee efficiency, and monitors wastage calculations.

What makes neo.erp different from others?

  1. neo.erp’s Modules are For Both Sales & Trading and Manufacturing.

    Modules for trading and manufacturing are available in the neo.erp solution. Organizations may face risks arising from stock storage and distribution activities, sales become successful, work-in-progress is handled, and call-offs with suppliers are made more accessible with the use of Neo ERP. Furthermore, the neo.erp makes tasks such as stock availability, goods usage, and supply chain management more available. This contributes neo.erp to be the best erp in Nepal.

  2. We offer both Complete Package and Complimentary Service.

    neo.erp Software provides dynamism and individuality to each organization based on the needs and requirements of the clients. With neo.erp kit, companies can get modules like financial accounting, procurement management, inventory management, production, marketing and distribution, business intelligence, human resources, assets management, CRM, and other functions. A production module is needed for manufacturing but not in trading. As a result, you can choose a complete package or with one or many modules.

  3. Summing Up

    The integration and automation offered by ERP software ensures savings and improved ROI efficiency. You can improve business insight, manage regulatory compliance, Solve and reduce risk, enhance collaboration, optimize customer and partner management with ERP Software. Business process modeling, understanding complexity, and offering a strategic and financial boost to the enterprise are all aided by neo erp software. In terms of usability, reliability, stability, and affordability, the neo erp software stands out. As a result, we are confident in describing Neo ERP as a visionary and the best ERP in Nepal.