Why CRM Matters?

Without CRM
  • Static info (name, email, phone)
  • Manual contact updates
  • Information stays in your spreadsheet unless imported into another tool
  • Lead scoring is nearly impossible
  • Manual task reminders
  • Manually sort data and create lists to upload into your email tool
With CRM
  • Static info plus communications history, files, notes & actions taken
  • Automatic contact updates, as actions are taken and infois submitteds
  • Data flows from your CRM into your sales and marketing automation engine
  • Lead scoring is automated basedon rules you set
  • Automated task reminders
  • Create tags for contact types and actions taken

CRM Software For Every Business Role


  • Accelerate leads to revenue cycles
  • Run effective personalized campaigns
  • Track customer engagements across every touchpoint
  • Automate sales processes to boost close rates
  • Manage sales of any type and complexity
  • Stay in touch with marketing and customer service



  • Streamline customer request processing
  • Improve customer satisfaction and boost loyalty
  • Automate and integrate complex service workflows
  • Streamline operations across all major departments
  • Measure and improve performance


Neo CRM collects customer information from the website, internet, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social networks through various platforms. for efficiency-enhanced automated messaging, dynamic service, and simplified operation
Contact Management

Collects contact details and tracks customer relationships and interactions with a business.

Lead Management

Stores incoming qualified leads to be converted into new business opportunities.

Interaction Tracking

Keep record of every interaction with clients and employees.

Document Management

Capture, track and store documents like PDFs, to save time & money.

Quotes/Proposal Management

Enable the sales team to spend more time closing deals with the right quote-management solutions.

Pipeline Management

Manage, Direct, and Track leads across every stage of the sales pipeline.

Finance Management

Manages the entire development and internal service-customer collaboration.