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Neo Software is a company that provides a variety of services to help businesses in any industry implement and optimize their ERP systems. These services include needs assessment, process re-engineering, ongoing support and maintenance, upgrades and improvements, consulting and advisory services, and project management. With these services, Neo Software aims to help businesses streamline and optimize their operations through the use of ERP software, ensuring that the software is properly implemented and functioning effectively. We aim to help our customers move from fragmented, legacy systems to a more integrated, standard platform. Our consultants are committed to using the most current and effective processes in order to successfully implement these systems in our customers' organizations.

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Software Development

We wanted to introduce ourselves! We are one of the leading software development companies in Nepal. Our team members have been working together for over 20 years, and we have a long history of experience and expertise in software development and implementation. We've done more than 500+ software development projects so far, and are proud to be counted among some of the best software development companies in Nepal. For the past 15 years, we have been working on various government projects and we have mastered the art of delivering quality work within a time frame. During this period, with our experience, expertise, and knowledge of software development, we are confident that our team will be able to provide any business house with the world-class service that they deserve.

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Our mission is to fuel our customer’s business growth
digital transformation and software solutions. We offer various ERP solutions
and their modules options for any corporate houses and government entity depending on your business requirement.

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Neo ERP is a business management tool that handles all your business processes like Finances/ Accounting, Inventory and procurement, production process, Sales Chain cycle, Sales force Management, HRIS, CRM and many more. Our ERP software integrates these various functions into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization to give you a real time insight of your business and complete organization health.

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  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial management
  • Security & Administration
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
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Neo HRM is a world-class Human resource management software (HR Software) that offers everything you and your organization need to manage internal HR functions. From employee data management to payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement, and employee attendance.

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  • Multi companies / branches support
  • Unlimited user addition
  • Dynamic Definitions
  • Custom Reports
  • Real time attendance
  • Multiple Device Support
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Neo D&M (Neo Distribution & Marketing) accelerate sales with real-time business intelligence. It has helped more than 10+ companies to automate their end-to-end sales and distribution. Neo D&M helps brands digitalize their channels, sales force and retailers/distributors. Then helps these businesses to optimize their route to market with insights using our proprietary analytics engine. This technology helps with cutting edge features like real time image recognition and software intelligence in real time.

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Neo D&M
  • "Real Time" system
  • monitoring physical distribution
  • Multi-lager sales channel management
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Marketing Efficiency management
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Neo CRM (Neo customer relationship management software) is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their customer relationships on a centralized and easy-to-use platform. By tracking leads and building a full database of customer activity, businesses have clear insight into where they stand with each customer in the buying process. This makes it easy to optimize and personalize your campaigns which leads to more powerful and impactful work from your teams.

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  • Lead Management
  • Digital Pipeline
  • Customer management
  • Email management
  • Improved Customer response time
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Neo Pay is a tool that automates and digitalizes real-time incoming and outgoing payments for businesses. It acts as a mediator for payment gateways and serves as a central component for managing payment transactions. Additionally, Neo Pay acts as an authorization switch for routing transactions. Any incoming or outgoing payment transactions processed through Neo Pay will be reflected in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and will be recorded for reference or analysis.

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Neo Pay
  • Government tax payment
  • Direct pay to Employee salaries
  • Access to both real time and Non Real time transaction
  • automated payment receipts to vendor from Email, SMS
  • Accessibility to swap funds
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Neo POS is a point-of-sale solution for retailers and businesses of all sizes. It is compatible with many brand-name POS peripherals and can be integrated with any software to assist with retail accounting. It also has built-in inventory management features for tracking product inventory and automating the stock reordering process. The customer management module provides tools for tracking and maintaining a customer base.

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  • Accept chip-enabled credit and debit cards
  • No Hardware Proprietary
  • No hidden fees
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Reporting aiding
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Neo Biz is a business intelligence web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that centralizes and integrates the process of small and medium-sized businesses. It provides optimization and accessibility for all interdepartmental functions, including basic accounting, advanced procurement, inventory management, and sales. It is suitable for various types of businesses, pharmaceutical companies,electronic shops, (FMCG) trading companies, petrol pumps, hardware shops,& more.

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Neo Biz
  • Create a Purchase Order by dealer
  • Ageing Report visibility to dealer
  • Party ledger report
  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Bill
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SAP Business One or SAP B1, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It helps these businesses manage their daily operations by providing a range of functional modules for customer relationship management, finance, production management, reporting and analytics, warehousing and inventory management, purchasing and procurement, billing and invoicing, and human resources.

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SAP Business One
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • 28 languages
  • Comprehensive
  • tailored to your needs
  • Powerful enough to help your business grow
  • Quick and easy to implement
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SAP Business One on cloud (PMC) which also called partner managed cloud is a single, affordable solution for managing all aspects of a small business, including accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationships, reporting and analytics. Neo software has partnered with a local cloud service provider to offer SAP Business One as a locally run cloud solution. The subscription-based pricing model is flexible and low-cost making it an affordable option with no upfront capital expenditure (capex) required.

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SAP on cloud
  • IRD Approved Billing
  • Freedom for third party software integration
  • Enjoy low-risk and low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Data Safety
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Our Vision

To be the leading provider and developer of software solutions

By using our cutting-edge technology for innovation and transformation.

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We are proud to work with some of the most respected and well-known corporate clients in Nepal.
At the same time, we are dedicated to helping start-ups and new organizations succeed and grow. Anyone can visualize the future.
We can help you achieve the future.

What our customers think

Neo Software helps organizations streamline and optimize their operations for greater
efficiency and success. We have a track record of developing and implementing various processes across different organizations.
By working with us, organizations can learn how to adapt and implement best practices that will enable them to achieve their goals.