Yeti Distillery discovers the secret to boosting productivity, with a centralised platform on SAP Business One®

Yeti Distillery
SAP Softwares

Before: Growing pains caused by manual systems

  • After a period of rapid growth in both product range and sales, Yeti Distillery required an enterprise-level enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help them achieve profitable growth
  • Manual processes and limited resources made it complex to efficiently track accounting, costs and inventory across a network of 120 domestic customers and a growing list of export clients
  • Lack of centralized systems was increasing costs and leading to quality control issues


Why SAP and Neo Software

  • With proven implementations for food manufacturers, SAP Business One offered an all-in-one finance, operations and customer management solution within a strict budget and tight timeframe
  • “Neo Software is very supportive of our business. The implementation went very smoothly, and the ongoing technical support has been very impressive.” Saroj Sedai, Head of Finance


After: Centralized control and real-time dashboards

  • Real-time analytics and reporting dashboards for key financial and operational metrics enable fast, informed decisions across departments
  • “Calculating landing costs was previously very complex, involving multiple bank accounts, strict approvals and documents arriving well after we received the goods. We’ve been able to customize a solution to automate and streamline this process.” Saroj Sedai, Head of Finance
  • Consistent digital processes streamline workflows, accelerate efficiency and reduce errors
  • Based on these results, Yeti Distillery plans to roll out SAP Business One to their other labels and divisions across the broader business