140+ dealers nationwide, 13 branches, 1 business platform, powered by SAP Business One®

Hulas Autocraft
SAP Softwares

Before: Decentralized branches and disconnected systems

  • With over a dozen branches across Nepal handling hundreds of parts and 140+ dealers, Hulas Autocraft needed to embrace digital transformation to maintain their competitive edge
  • Each branch had different hardware, software and systems which was inefficient and costly
  • Manual and disconnected processes slowed sales, service and communications
  • Reporting was slow and inaccurate so management could not get a snapshot of performance
  • Separate data backups were done per site on external drives which was insecure and inconsistent

Why SAP and Neo Software

  • SAP Business One offered complete financials along with sales, logistics, procurement, inventory and reporting management, in an all-in-one platform that was fast to implement and easy to use
  • “Our SAP Partner Neo Software have been excellent to deal with. Their quality team has been a great help through the implementation and with ongoing support.” Amit Agrawal, President

After: Real-time tracking, accurate pricing, better service

  • One central platform business-wide means management can easily track sales, payments and inventory by branch and dealer to understand business performance
  • “For example automated all-in-one invoicing saves significant man hours alone. Previously each order required a separate invoice to be manually created.” Amit Agrawal, President
  • Automated reporting dashboards available in real-time for fast decision making
  • One central server and database protected by firewalls and security provide peace of mind
  • Cloud access enables secure remote access from any device