neo D&M

Systematic Distribution & Marketing with neo.D&M.

Neo Distribution and Marketing System effectively and accurately tracks and manages the entire distribution network of companies. 

Distribution channels internalize 4 Ps: Product, Promotion, Price, Placement/Distribution. Distribution management focuses on the supply chain and delivery of products across various distribution networks. The distribution management process involves handling the flow of items from a wholesaler to a manufacturer and from a retailer to a customer.

The D&M serves as a decision support system to keep up your company's distribution control room. Distribution management considers the extent of customers' requirements, shipping optimization, and possible causes of shipping delays as essential factors to be taken into account. Using the D&M system, reliability and service quality are enhanced. 

Neo D&M System allows real-time reporting, sales management, tracking & monitoring leads, delivery, and campaigns to give you the best outcome.


Our Product Modules
Hierarchy Management
Structured view of the hierarchy to ensure better consistency of the knowledge and resources and proper allocation of duties at different strata.
Sales Order Management
Record of the transaction history, payment method, order amount, and status of the customer from placement to shipping is looked after.
Inventory Management
Have supervision of inventory and stock items and enable balanced inventory and stocks.
Distributor Stock Management
Better solutions to gain complete visibility of available stock at different distributors.
Supply-chain Management
Smooth production flow of a good or service for profitability.
Route Planning
Helps to generate the most efficient route both procurement and distribution
Tracking and Monitoring
Have accurate scheduling and know the location of goods at a particular time.
Reporting and Filters
Stores report results in the Inventory value and allow filtration of the results in a specific format.
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