neo CRM

Manage customer data with neo.CRM.

Neo CRM offers effective strategies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Handling customer relationships is made easier by CRM software. A CRM platform enables businesses to reach various markets, set alerts with contacts based on individual lead work. In order to strengthen customer support and partnerships, attract new clients, and have effective sales and marketing campaigns, CRMs are important for large-scale companies as well as small and medium-sized organizations.

CRM systems collect customer information from the company's website, internet, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social networks through various platforms. An enterprise can have trustworthy reporting, dashboards to display results,efficiency-enhanced automation messaging, dynamic service, and simplified cooperation with CRM software.

Neo CRM strengthens customer service relationships and helps attract customers and drives growth in revenue.


Our Product Modules
Contact Management
Have contacts’ details and tracking customer relationships and interactions with a business.
Lead Management
Makes incoming leads are qualified and nurtured to convert into new business opportunities.
Interaction Tracking
Keep record of every interaction with clients and employees.
Document Management
Capture, track and store documents like PDFs, and save time & money.
Quotes/Proposal Management
Enable the sales team to spend more time closing deals with the right quote-management solutions.
Pipeline Management
Manage, Direct, and Track leads across every stage of the sales pipeline.
Finance Management
Manages the entire development and internal and service-customer collaboration.
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