Ginesys ERP

An ERP that can cope with the paradigm shift in the way of doing business in the modern context.

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Your business is 360° covered under our ERP’s watch

Our Product Modules

Sell Online or Offline

Our ERP can be scaled to suit your regular mom and pop store, eCommerce store, multi channel as well as omnichannel business

Effortless Inventory, Sales and Distribution Management

Manage ‘n’ no. of SKUs, make a flexible inventory with a large variety of attributes to fit each product. Dispatch orders to franchisees or owned parallel stores can be managed with the ERP solution

Warehouse Management Done Right

Managing a huge stock of inventory can be tricky, with our WMS you can reserve the inventory against the orders. Create racks and bins for an assortment of items. Ensure timely replenishment of the items that are in shortage. Never be clueless about your warehouse details.

Dive into dashboards and reports

Data driven decision making goes a long way. Ginesys ERP makes sure that you get the data, charts and reports you need to make these viable decisions. Along with 200+ standard reports, you can also generate reports with different permutations and combinations with our flexible reporting tool.

Advantage of cloud computing

Added benefit of Ginesys ERP is that we leverage cloud computing, so you don’t have to worry about the cumbersome infrastructural arrangements that otherwise were required. On top of that, it offers minimal security risks, 24*7 data availability and price effective ownership.