Neo ERP- The best ERP Solution in Nepal

18th May 2021


Neo Software's innovative software developers have created a software called neo ERP, which focuses on standardizing business processes for Nepalese companies. Our ERP software is designed to support the core business processes and functions. neo ERP makes the planning and management of the whole company process systematic and competent.

The neo ERP system is a complete solution, as it monitors and manages several departments such as accounts, inventory, purchase, development, human resource, security management system, and others. neo ERP solutions reduce the amount of manual labor required to complete daily tasks in a company from your sales representative to management directors. This feature allows members of your company's ERP team to concentrate on revenue-generating tasks.

Modules in neo ERP assist you in detecting the status of your product or staff, as well as managing your internal system and customers. Let’s know more about neo ERP’s Modules in detail:

Modules/Features of neoERP

Procurement Management

The Procurement Module ensures that the customer gets the best offer on goods, services, or jobs.Using the Procurement module in neo ERP, you can buy products and services from preferred vendors within a fixed budget, on or before the deadline. Recording the Purchase orders, Calculating the costs of all products and processes, and keeping a fair profit margin on sales prices.However, maintaining all of these documents can be a time-consuming, lengthy procedure that necessitates a large amount of manpower and paper records. neo ERP keeps track of purchase orders, produces invoices, and generates GRNs in a streamlined manner, eliminating manpower and manual processing.

Inventory Management

Finding, storing, and selling both raw materials and finished goods are also part of inventory management. This module deals with storing products in a warehouse and then moving goods from one location to another. This module helps you to manage all of your inventories in one location, including physical stock, in-transit, consigned, and other inventory types.

Human Resource Management

Within human resource management at neo ERP, you can have detailed Employee Information, time and attendance, and effective training designing & development. To be precise, neo ERP assists you from RP Recruitment processes to benefit management. Preparing reports and analysis to make better HR decisions, Tracking the number of leaves taken, and preparing salary sheets and Payslip can be done effectively with neo ERP.

Secure Financing and Accounting

The neo ERP financial management module collects financial information and transforms it into records such as benefit tracking, balance sheets, and other . This module assists in the automation of your systems, as well as the enhancement of accuracy and reduces cost. Accounting and financial reporting tasks can be done easily with the neo ERP finance module. ERP systems are used to keep track of business operations and eliminate accounting mistakes. All these features pave the way for accounting accuracy, financial regulation compliance, and the generation of numerous financial reports.

Distribution and Marketing Management

neo ERP's Distribution and marketing system monitors & controls your business's entire distribution network efficiently and reliably. This module acts as a decision support system to assist the distribution control room of your business. It also eliminates wastes in spoilage, warehousing costs and decreases shipping charges and faster delivery to customers. It gives you Real-Time Reporting, sales analytics, and Sales order management. Adding to these all facts, you can visualize your sales, distribution, and marketing campaign results with this module.

Production and Sale Management

This model of neo ERP's includes pre-sales activities, tracking customer orders, checking sales, and receiving customer payments. neo ERP's Production Module assists in a well-organized manufacturing process and user-friendly production planning and control system. This planning system produces scheduled production orders in monthly/weekly time-based on given time.

Customer Relationship Management

Companies aim to keep their customer relationships secure and satisfying. CRM comes to the rescue in this case. This module also helps with customer data management and sales management and provides actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team contact. Not only that, You can customize the information to meet your specific needs, and you can also access data and real-time interactions from devices that are connected to the database.

Benefits of using neoERP

neoERP offers numerous benefits for your business. Some of them are explained below.

  1. Our ERP solution offers a centralized platform to make strategic decisions
  2. neo ERP gets your business more organized and systematic.
  3. Real-time tracking of raw materials or products' status and sales.
  4. neo ERP's Business Intelligence allows reports and role-based dashboards.
  5. Customer support and knowledge access should be improved.
  6. Internal processes and communication in your organization will be strengthened
  7. Downloading Malicious software will be prevented by Dedicated Cloud protection.
  8. Cash Flow and WorkFlow in your company gets increased.


neo ERP is the best choice, as it offers ERP solutions that are customized to our clients' needs in order to enhance internal communication, workflow, day-to-day management, and other aspects of their company. neoERP is a customizable platform that aids in the management of staff, development, and distribution in businesses. Internal contact, workflow, day-to-day management, and other facets of their business can all be improved with neo ERP. As compared to other ERP solutions available in Nepal, the neo ERP provides superior facilities including usability, reliability, stability, and affordability. Thus, we proudly call neo ERP as the best ERP in Nepal.